Discovering Native American Art
Discovering Native American Art
by Abby Remer
(Author) Abby Remer and Linda Poolaw (Grand Chief Delaware Grand Council of North America Cover of Discovering Native American Art
(Author) Abby Remer and Linda Poolaw
(Grand Chief Delaware Grand Council of North America) Cover of Discovering Native American Art
Davis Publications, Inc. 1997
Hamatsa Crooked Beak Mask, C 1940s
Willie Seaweed. Royal British Columbia Museum,
Victoria BC, Canada. Neg #17377
When is a doll not a toy? Learn about sacred Zuni Pueblo traditions through a girl's remembrances of the Shalako katsina ceremony. (Zuni Pueblo, Shalako Katsina, early twentieth century)
Listen to contemporary Native female artists discuss the influence of their heritage on their work and personal creative journeys.
Piece together clues to discover the meaning of an ancient Pueblo bird effigy pot that you just unearthed.
(Emma Davis. Pair of Dolls c.1950)
Discover what part Ghost Dance dresses and shirts played in the terrible 1890 massacre of Wounded Knee?
These and other challenging questions and thought-provoking perspectives help teenage-through-adult audiences explore the art and culture of diverse nations in Discovering Native American Art. Unlike didactic texts, this book engages readers by allowing them to become actively involved in understanding and appreciating the vast riches of Native American heritage, from the earliest times to the present.
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