Abby Remer Education Consultant Recommendations

"Abby is a deeply committed professional who seeks to develop strong programs to assure that young people have positive experiences. She is organized, thoughtful and does great work that is highly valued by all those who work with her. She knows her work well and always seeks to learn more through research, observations and discussions."

Peter Kleinbard, Executive Director, Youth Development Institute

"Abby provided invaluable leadership in helping to develop and direct the Career Internship Network (CIN). Abby has also provided critical technical assistance to the many member organizations of CIN. Her authentic reflection protocol is especially helpful for young people in reflecting about their experiences. See www.careerintern.org for more information about this organization."

Laurie Dien, Senior Program Officer, The Pinkerton Foundation

"Abby provided exceptional program evaluation consulting to Coro New York Leadership Center's Exploring Leadership Program for NYC public high school students. Her expertise in qualitative evaluation as well as her ability to adapt to the needs of her clients results in work that is of the highest quality and value. The outcomes of our program are now clear, measurable, and substantive."

Laura Shmishkiss, Senior Director of Programs, Coro New York Leadership Center

"Abby worked with our organization as an education contractor. She helped us tremendously in crafting program mission, goals, and outcomes, and in creating a method of evaluating the program's effectiveness. Abby brought a level-headed professionalism to this difficult task, and helped our team gain focus and clarity by asking timely, constructive questions and offering useful suggestions."

Marisa Suescun, Senior Program Facilitator, Coro New York Leadership Center

"I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for your commitment to providing thorough and useful technical assistance to Futures and Options. Both our internship and pre-internship programs are benefiting from our working sessions with you. To date, we have re-designed our Supervisor Evaluations, our internship program’s pre-tests and post-tests and added individual student evaluations for each workshop in the pre-internship program. We are looking forward to continuing to receive this assistance and working with you."

Patricia Machir, Executive Director, Futures and Options

"I have had the pleasure and honor to benefit from Abby's wisdom and expertise in the field of Youth Development. Abby is brilliant in her ability to guide organizations towards more meaningful programming for our youth. Each and every workshop and/or meeting I have attended where Abby was leading discussion proved to take all participants outside the box to find lasting solutions. She is dedicated in a way that inspires us all to be better."

Kyra Popiel, Manager of Special Projects, The Town Hall

"I have been working at the Brooklyn Museum since 2006 and each year work with Abby to receive technical assistance in conjunction with the teens programs I oversee there. During our technical assistance sessions, after listening closely to my programmatic concerns, Abby works with me in dialogue to create action plans that are doable and realistic for implementation and that improve the quality of my educational programs for teens. Abby offers concrete and tested solutions that are catered to my programmatic needs and goals. Abby is respectful of my expertise and experience which makes working with her satisfying and enjoyable."

Cheri Ehrlich, Senior Educator, Brooklyn Museum

"Abby Remer facilitates a dynamic workshop entitled "Workforce Ready," that is currently an integral part of our summer internship orientation. A sample list of "Workforce Ready" activities includes "Making a First Impression," "Dress for Success", "Time Management," and "Preparing for the Unexpected."

Abby's "Workforce Ready Workshop" provides an opportunity for the interns to role play, ask questions, and participate in teambuilding exercises. Because of Abby's energizing, interactive, and hands-on approach, the students are thoroughly educated as well as engaged.

One of the highlights of the "Workforce Ready Workshop" is the "Bad Email" exercise. With this activity, Abby provides the interns with a sample email. The email has 20 errors, and the interns must try and spot the errors. Once again, this activity is fun and engaging for the interns, yet provides the interns with essential tips on how to prepare for the workplace.

As a result of the students participating in the "Workforce Ready Workshop," the Apollo staff noticed the interns' positive telephone manners, time management skills, and overall polished appearance. Most important, the interns exhibit positive office decorum throughout the entire 6-week internship program.

In closing, I highly recommend Abby Remer for any and all opportunities relating to youth development, college planning, and teambuilding. I have had the pleasure of utilizing Abby and her workshops with overwhelming success. The services of Abby Remer would be a tremendous asset to your program."

Michelle Cox, Education Manager, Apollo Theater

"Abby is one of the best educational consultants in the country. Her clients have included the American Museum of Natural History as well as many other well-known institutions. She is hard working, passionate about her field, and committed to the arts."

Vivien Hoexter, Chief Executive Officer at Gilda's Club Worldwide

"I worked with Abby while at the American Council of the Arts. She is a dedicated professional who is conscientious, thoughtful, accountable, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Abby for any consultancy since I am confident that she will provide the same degree of professionalism that I personally experienced to any job she undertakes. She will be an asset to any organization by dint of her hard work, ability to get along with people and commitment to the task."

Carol Sterling, Arts Education Director, Brooklyn Arts Council

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