Education Consultant Program & Curriculum Design, Development, Implementation, and Assessment
Selected Consulting Services
  • Program Development, Planning, Revision, Expansion: Establishing and/or examining and identifying short and long-range plans, amending practices, expanding range of services, creation of plan of action.
  • Writing and Editing: Developing, if necessary researching, and creating written material for learning for adults, teachers, children, and families.
  • Sound Evaluation and Assessment: Assisting organizations and programs in planning and executing a manageable evaluation and/or assessment process that provides sound results, which can be used to refine programs and/or report to funders on how the organization is doing.
  • Development Curriculum of Activities: Actualizing program's/organization's learner outcomes through engaging, participatory, and multi-dimensional set of lessons.
  • Inquiry Based Looking and Discussion: Acquiring skills in facilitating discussions that avoid lecturing and pedantic presentations but rather place learners, through questions and ruminations, in the center of their own learning.
  • Brainstorming and Problem Solving to Address Challenges: Examining and dissecting challenges and inventing unusual ways to approach the issues in new and interesting ways, for staff and/or learner audience.
  • Reflection: Helping facilitators learn how to cultivate authentic reflection, the vital mechanism that transfers "outside" knowledge into interior "understanding." Learning the process of creating successful reflection journal stems (reflection sentence starters) and ways to create deep reflection verbally in group discussions.
  • Identifying, Documenting, and Disseminating Program's/Organization's Best Practices: Determining what you are good at and how to capture it in a clear, concise snap shot in order to share it with others.
  • What Could I Possibly Be? A curriculum of lesson plans that take learners through multiple steps that have them explore themselves, a wide range of careers and jobs, and a process for investigating any that appeal to them.
  • Career Development Mentoring Programs: Conceiving, planning, and implementing an internship program for youth in which they engage in authentic work and explore the daily lives and career journey of their mentor. Reflection mechanism woven throughout to deepen and ingrain the rich learning experience.
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