Authentic Reflection

Sample Concepts Authentic Reflection Stems can Address


   self-recognition of growth

What I realized today was that greeting people and the kids when they come into the Discovery Room, I build up my confidence in speaking more. I just realized that. I wasn't that shy and I didn't croak haha!!


   thinking critically about topics

What I most want to say is I feel guilty. Humans are responsible for damaging the earth, using too much of natures resources and causing the extinction of so many species. Our survival has brought upon the destruction of the earth forests, animals and atmosphere. As I looked at the diorama of animals that were near extinction, I wonder if in the near future, this will be the only proof that these creatures existed.


   examining oneself

Today I changed my mind about speaking up in the group and also about how the museum functions. I learned that it is much easier to talk in the group when you basically know who everyone is and you feel much more comfortable.


   sense of pride

It surprised me when my mentor made it clear about how important I am now to the department. I felt very proud of my work during the week.


   positive impact on other people

I'm excited because I feel like I am considered part of the team. They are so busy in the exhibition department, and I'm helping out and being useful. It's a very good feeling.


   inner workings of a workplace and careers

I see that the person who really runs the department is Diana. I thought it was Jessie. Jessie is Diana's assistant. It was shocking for me but, still Jessie seems to hold a lot of power. She is assistant director of teaching.


I see that the career I choose may not involve teaching. Jonathan's job looks really hard, he has to keep everybody under control and teenagers are rowdy. I can't tell whether he likes teaching, at times it seems like his having fun but I see that he frequently gets frustrated. I don't like being frustrated so teaching probably isn't for me.


   dynamics of the group

What I found most fascinating about the other interns is that, despite the huge socioeconomic differences among us, we are very similar I didn't think Julissa and I would have anything in common, other than the fact that we were both in the Inside View program .I had pre-formed opinions about her based on first impressions which I discarded one by one throughout our conversation. As we went on talking, I realized we had much more in common that I would have ever imagined.

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